Tin Can Queries

What is a tin can theory?

The tin can is random. It might as well have been a screwdriver or a muffin. If the context is not wholly known, then the known is wholly out of context. It’s a way of saying maybe we ought to maybe sit down and have some tea and possibly fry our brains thinking about what we don’t know instead of puffing our chests and honking at red lights or scowling at people because they’re wearin’ last year’s springtime in the fall.

In the end, our Cadillacs climb with very tiny arms and our human advancements sparkle the expanse like a poor baby’s handful of stale cracker crumbs.

We’re going to have to accept it sooner or later.




I stumbled across a blog post discussing self-description. Then it asked the question. I thought the post was interesting and thought I’d give it a go. I hope this helps the curious:

In a few words, how do you define yourself?

Rogue Translator. A direct line into some other past, a path, bridge–one hand reaching back, the other groping forward: Insurmountable. We are the scoured scum and I am supreme reek, supple-sticking on my throne–hornswagled–stinking right up the middle of it. Disgusting.

I rework the broken paths of men. And I am stupid.



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