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I was so stupid
Now I smart
My head know blood go
through my heart
My head know poop
The end of start
And all the answer
Now I smart



How I wish my
How I wish my
ever never sometimes did

Turn my head to
Fight the urge to
Watch the didn’t come undid

Selfie Pedestal

Poof me me
I create me
When I was borned
I ever been

See pee pee
I splitter pee
My story torn
And paper thin

Me Me! Did it did it!
Me Me Me I did I did!

My my my me know it know it
I know all there ever did!

Stoopy me
My stupid me
We’ll never know
That we’re just men

TV Screened

OH my
TV Screen
yep yep
crystal sheen

he teach the preach
but we reach for peach

He points direction, but we
drink the bleach


bottles in row

bottles in row, baby
bottles in row
each one the like of the last

gamma blast

but we knew that, baby
but we knew that (haha)
each one the like of the last

devil caste

Thorn of the kate, mama
prick of the steve
we worn the world of our SLAMBROKEDOFF sleeve

Pie Pap

She pull the pork mama
She pull the son
She got the rips on the run

She ripe the type, but that
she spawns the grime
Alll the tvs that tap into our waiting minds

Crapshoot Groop Scoots

She run the groop scoots,
We plant the skew.
She win the crapshoots
and we…map-map-map

She hop the TOP DROP,
We stretch the seams–
fabrics that mop all
our crap…clap-clap-clap

We milk the (clap clap)
We milk the (clap)
We drink our own
dirty tappity tappity tap

Top Tipper

Forget the hops

We go the tops

Green light the go

Pull out the stops

And when you got

Three times the slops

You rigor stiff

And flip the flop

Marking Black These Xs in the White Room

We mark all these black Xs in the white room

Sweet yesternothings something semi-gray

Then crank this cranks horizon turn and push broom

And sweep the night like shatters into day


Stoooooopids We (You and I and Most Dear Five)!

Spin who span the answer

Yes, we all be can, sirs

Oh me wow me pantser

Yes, we all be can, sirs

Pander there fee ere her?

Five whole dollar can, sir

Gripe the gripper glander

Can we all in can, sir

Said can we all be can, sir

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