Same Old Always-was Stinks Like it Always Did (or Grab a Mop and Shovel, Love, and Mama Watcher Kids)

by jerrontables

Keepa keepa can enclose-a
Tuna  loona brine
If hands don’t dance and if they don’t dance then they’re
No hands of mine.

Hoopsa hoopsa boy a hoopsa
Taker outtat five
If plans don’t chance to notch the romance then there’s
No plans to dine.

Eat a soupa croup ‘n’ whoopa
Boy you’ll ride the pine
If fans no chants in playoff advance with their
Collective whine.


Tops AND hops AND can-banano stops it
Ghural when u pop it
Menny wanna cop it

BullWHIP coolWHIP burnaturna drop ship
Beat em to the blue chips
Christening our pink slips


Cheepa cheepa boona boona
Giver ninner line
If Jan’s hot pants and if he slow dance when he
Hears Patsy Cline.