I Am Sir Willy Nillyton

by jerrontables

I am Sir Willy Nillyton of Any Arbor Hills,

A great begated villagery of many dollar bills.

My dragon is the populace;

My steed a rolly chair!

I never dreamt it’d come to this,

But neither what nor where.


I am Sir Willy Nillyton, I ride a Cadillac.

And ever if I leant a buck, I’d ask two dollars back.

I run the golden heyday

In the field of ladies fair–

My sword of flesh’s sobriquet

Is None the Best for Wear.


I am Sir Willy Nillyton, my gracious wares accrue.

My spacious shelves can peer no else ets bet silea yew

That’s Latin, for your brain of hare–

I’m quite of gold, I know–

All the world’s a disrepair

and I’m a light aglow!


AIOLTFOALS (An Instantaneous Occurrence Like the Flipping of a Life Switch)


I am Sir Willy Nillyton, I want my money back!

I did quite die this death and now the ever’s awful black!

We miss the biggest picture

Per a self-tenacity.

I thought I had it figured, but

Was off,



You know…