For to My Caroline

by jerrontables

Caroline is a bum diddly. A scarlett runner.

She knocks my bleedin’ socks off.

I don’t know how to describes the type of beauty that comes from that nature of person from the level of that of my


So I…

Do it in spittle
Quite spits in the middle
nonsensical crazed

(dee dee dee)

Her fiddle is tittle
And feedeth the riddle
Of flesh and bone
Spaces I rent

(all for me)

She is miles and miles. She covers the skies like balm oil, my Caroline, matron of the lily water, keeper of worlds that I’ve found. She makes me–

Hothered and bothered–
Throw fits in the water
And laugh when there’s no
Fun around

(dee dee dee)

I wind as I wing
In a slumberly dream
And sing like there’s no
Coming down

(all for me)

She stickers out among the grout like piggledy-wiggledy woo. She numbers the stars with personal greetings and asking them how like she knew.

Because she…

Splaces and splits me
And never forquits me
The grandest of places
I went

(dee dee dee)

I circled the world
And for no other girl
I’d pease off my hot

(all for me)

She’s beauty and beauty and beauty on duty and swallows me whole from above. She’s song in my saddle and offers me paddles for travels her globis of love.


Breathes in the breezes
Her bouquet of teases
Quite pleases the beeses
Of May

(dee dee dee)

For when I go out
Sing my pourus to shout
That she’s freightened
My muffet to stay

(all for me)