Serve That Meat Up

by jerrontables

When we all.

When we all alight the world the love that

lights and everything


Breathed, dreamed

Skies that never end


Lies that never told

A promise lighter than air, whisper for the ear, blowing in the glow time

Hope, words, stomach–

She opened up the world.

But she forgot to close it, and there it’s by the throat, and where once lit curious innocence smokes a now roar–the unabashed orgasms of a monster bloated on the roadside. Alive on the inside. Our youth. Thousands of them. Fat and heaped and horrid.

And we dance dance dance like we what what what. To the front front front then our butt butt butt.

And we never, ever shut up and listen.

And our eyes glazed. Marbles wanting for connection.

Back that beat up.

Serve that meat up.