The Yodelers

by jerrontables

About the singing mountain tops,
The yodelers there lay.
They sing aloud all through the night,
Then all a-through the day,
And when the rain comes falling down
They sing out anyway–
Loud and proud and through the clouds,
These are the words they say:

We sing ’cause we need not much of things
And we cry when we stinkin’ do!

The yodelers are mountain men
and wear not any clothes.
If they have something to hold
They put it in their nose.
But things to hold are not their bag
and so the story goes:
If something comes they toss it down
to those that live below!

They love their stuff and we hate this crap
So we don’t mind if we do!

Those below sure love it fine; please
Take old Mr. Hodges.
He loved to buy things at the store
To stuff in his garages.
He worked his life to work some more and
Pile hodges-podges,
But he forgot, it’s all for naught–
He died of natural causes!

They pack a lunch that’s fit for a king,
But they won’t need any food!