New World Idol

by jerrontables

A horde of massing anties
off to do their deeds,
Said one ant to another ant,
“Come and work with me.
We’ll cook our brains in boiling broth
Until their mushin’ gray,
And when we bring our monies home
We’ve got machines to pay!”

Hey, hey, hey!
We’ve got machines to pay!
We’re good ol’ fashioned Crunamuppers
Fine in our own way!

A horde of massing anties
Now to their TVs.
It used to be the sky, but now
Our stars are flesh and breathe.
We look to them to lead our way;
The brightness of the screen
Points up like the erection of
The devil in our dreams.

He, he, he!
There’s devils in our dreams!
We battened down the hatches but we’re
Fulla holes, it seems!

A horde of massing anties
Now a pulsing awful wreak.
Every day’s a new beginning
But our hearts and minds are weak.
We’re full of hoary confidence!
We cover up our stink!
When Jack takes Jenny to his room
We laugh and clink our drinks!

Stink, stink, stink
We laugh and clink our drinks!
So flippantly amissing
‘Cause we’re never on the brink!