First Mates

by jerrontables

where-ed ja go now arthur? we used to have you here. you lost and wronged and dead and gone and tossed upon the sea along, to swallowed in the burnin sun, is where you gone now arthur? you settin daisies in the waves, for buried in the summer glaze, don’t let them see you ever, no, just lay your head down arthur. you fall apart, you in our heart, you etch the mileage in the dark. we go ahead and listen to the bells of ol saint arthur.

the boil down to chemistry and bother off and cantcha see we all attach to misery, my brother, my sung arthur. for in the dark of wakeless night the lighthouse burns its candle light, the vigil for the out of sight and for my dear friend arthur. to scan across the ocean depth and catch the tearings of the wept–it’s gone enough but gone for not, the breath of my dear arthur.

He hits the waves it cannot be!

oh go for nay, don’t speak to me! You dust the air to chill the breeze and rattle chains and relay screams up from the depths my arthur! for heavenbound we need the sound, the string-ed harping of the clouds, of love and right and through the night, the comfort of my arthur!