Charlie Boy

by jerrontables



Here I am.

Your puzzle.

Yes. My puzzle. This and this. Here and here. Billions. We are we.


We are we for stomping feet. For making strong for these end meets. Impatient with the mystery. Drift on upon wood driftings sinked.

The puzzles fit, you see, you see. You golden spun. You proud of we. We build, we build our symphony. The depths, our world, our burgeoning.

Hello, hello. We fall with speed. We spread too low, we divers ween. We splitting birth, provisionings, it’s for to fly and muddle fling.

To whay, to what, we from our gut, we slither, spin, we nod within. We spill and thrill and love and kill and drink and sing our merrying, our lollypies, our pleasurings–

growing, growing, growing one big badge of blind, cacking, self-off sickened bludgeoning. Spunked with the glistened spit of cocksured travesty. Suicide without a trigger. Turning the other way. Severing all.