by jerrontables

Carol married Jerrol, but Jerrol forgot to sign the nups. Big C made off with twenty times the worth of her weight in gold-plated poker chips. “It’s ain’t enough! It ain’t enough!”, she screamed, night after night, shaving every hair on her body and drawing Xs on her fingernails. Jerrol moved to Wichta and started over, humming limericks from that place in your throat where the vibrations are sweetish and almost have taste.

Jacob shot drugs with a zip gun.

Shantel remembered something she had forgotten in her troubled youth and moved to Mexico to live underground. Once she was settled in, Jacob Tartekoff tunneled into her earthy abode with a pick axe and shot her with drugs from a zip gun. She was okay, but suffered an angry, spritzgiven high.

Anderson Barnsberger became fed up with his life and went to sea. He figured to sail oceans, but when he got to the water he just shot some fish and went back to his house.

Before Jan Sparling was born, her mother promised her daughter to a severely knuckled woman with red eyes. Things are not going well for Jan. Her mother, however, has lots of cash.

Anderson Barnsberger is pissed off again and so are the fish, now. Fool me twice.

Katie Worthchild forgot to double bag the milk at her local Sack ‘n’ Save and she watched it bounce down the stairs toward little Davey Watkins, who was lactose intolerant. Davey’s mother’s scream was pinpointed from outer space and her rage is being studied by science.