The Suburbs

by jerrontables

Mention your unmentionables,
Unloose the words thy mouth.
Undress your fine intentionables,
The grease are heading south.

Deny me not, sweet Annie Ann
The neighborhood can watch!
A theatre! A peer review!
Thin cautions of the crotch!

Oh throw us up on biggish screens!
Stone principles to smithereens!
Shine dirty birds to squeakish clean
and toss them in the pot!

Grow tired of the questioning
and gerrymander everything
to make believe we’re breathing clean
Above the teeming rot!

clap clap clap

Why not? (clap) Why not? (clap) Agree to gettin’s got? (clap)
We’re all friends (clap)
so shovel (clap),
we like to (clap)
and dance a(clap),
upon our (claps)
we raise the (clap)

the gettin’s ever hot.