by jerrontables

Jimbo looked out his window to the setting sun and thought about the spinning spinning world with all the crunnamuppers that breathe on it. Big crunnamuppers. Little crunnamppers. Crunnamuppers with too little eyes for their size, nose for their grows, hair to spare. Some crunnamuppers have ice teeth. Some sweat a lot. Others drive big pollywogs and scream scramathies. SCRAM. SCRAMATHY! Sometimes they pee on themselves. Sometimes they foam at the mouth. Most the time they slimey up to girlfriends and hup hup for loud noises–cash their quarters. Try to pip their nummy bones.

You can talk to em–rollin’ shopping carts and buying low–but they can tell you to ruck the trup up. And mayhap they do all of time. Stop poppers. Casting hard eyes. Just flat squirting to have off on the first other crunnamupper to maybe walk slow in frunnovem–slip em nasty ways. Shivem where it spleens. Try to walk the walk on me, I’ll speed the speds–call the feds. Chanting nonsensical demons inside their heads, knowing no two ways about the chores they breathe.

Doenchaknow all the crunnamuppers crunnamupped the car crashians like three weeks ago an it’s probably bout the time you got the times to poofed up your hairs a bits or somethin a-cause it’s kinda besides the point chakeepa wearin’em lolla cackity-cack without low ridin’ bosom jeans for what to coax your kolaches with.

Sometimes they eat cereal. Beeswax. Nunyapotatos. It’s none their fault for none their fault. All stuffed with jazz of the jingles and hip-hoorahin’ for bout their lady panties–snifflin’ and cryin’ for bout their mother’s milk: marmajuice to soak the generations–straining about. the weight of their. genes. soured for tell the tautened glads too tightened a bit off the bright side. Teets of nations.

Jimbo swallowed the big one and looked over at the biggest crunnamupper staring right atbackem from glass of the wall. Slobbering on his tee skirt and feeming about bon bons.