Water Babies

by jerrontables

She left a long time ago. Some say come back and some say she can’t stay gone long enough. She was liquid. She lays in the water like the water itself and when you smelt her you smelt smelts. The water with her because you are a man and everything–the light, the water, the air, the bacteria, slime, slugs, Neptune, Uranus, cotton balls, frogs, butter, Aspirin, firefighters, spinach burritos, stray cats, crocodile babies, diamond creme–melts with her with you down the dirty dogged, clogged up drain of quick, spasmatic comings to reality.


Take it or leave it. You better leave it. You don’t know what’s in that water. Could be trout, hamballs, recorder holes, joker diamonds, joker hearts, clout, springtime, leaves, harbinger of things to come, crackers, jimmy legs, quick quick potato stick, jack of spades, dirt, harbinger of things past, knobby knees, acid jeans, potable soda, tepid soda, happiness, lies, baking soda, the more the merrier, more lies, cream soda, cream donuts, bear claws, dog claws, declawed hairless cats, clawed hairless cats, clawed cats with hair, clawed hares with cats, clawed things that aren’t cats at all with hair, without hair, pit hair, A1, bravo, mosquito juice, johns, harbinger of things that could have been, lamps, limps, harbinger of things that could still be, crickets, thoughts of life without crickets, chicken legs, thoughts of life with chickens without legs, vodka lips, merry mack, poddy cream…