Reginald Gruben

by jerrontables

Reginald Gruben was a pob-swappin’ po’boy. Look it up. Though he wasn’t called Reginald Gruben at all, so that could be very difficult. You could research it extensively and probably find some fibers in cyberspace that look frayed from each other, but let’s save us all the trouble. Your success would be disappointment and it would take days, years, probably a life’s work, and I don’t want that kind of conscience on my shoulders, spinal cord–whatever it is a conscience sits on. Reginald wouldn’t either. He’s a very sentimental guy, and, though he’d probably never find out, it’s too risky, man, woman, whoever you are.

Who are you. anyway? What is your name or fake name and where are your frayed ends? Why are you reading this? For what purpose was it written? Why in the world should you care?

I will answer them all: because Reginald Gruben is a sum tum tumbler. We all are. And we all are sum tum tumble doo.