RE: RE: RE: RE: Please Help

by jerrontables

Who are you, ronadl Reagan???/ I’m talking about bees here.  Thousands, maybe dozens of thousanads.  Terminatox is a load of crap. Those guys just sprayd my computer with poison and now my fingers are stating to hurt.  Typing is now more of a choer than ever.  Each keystroke si like the wailing of a thousand nauseous souls inside of my fintertips.

My father said to tell yu to get a job and  comb yor hair and you will find yoru true love.

I logged a case with Ion on the bees, and the guy just laughed at me in a language foreign to this world.  Can a person laugh in another language? Or was it another curse? Can you check since you work there, I don’t want more bees.


Clax Gorvin
Grumpy Customer Guy