RE: 5001234 model b

by jerrontables

Mr. Rulopik,

I apologize for the thoroughbredidity of our well-reared laptys, but when the facts have to be faced the freedom needs to be free. Your computer is a horse. 3.3 GHz per second at 50+ miles per hour. You should count yourself lucky–that’s fast. You can’t pen that kind of speed.

Having said that, I do have to second your decision to move to one of our v models. The pheromones emitted from our adapters will override any urge for freedom, guaranteed. It also spikes the testosterone levels of your computer horse to ensure  maximum Io-matic turbo boost and superb hyper-compatibility. He’ll be eating out of your hands in no time flat.

Volleyball rigging is man’s work. On behalf of Ion and your trophies, we’d like to appreciate you skillful rigs. Hit me.

Mild Salutes,

Ronny Sporks
Specialist Executive Man
PC Computers
Ion Systems, the makers of Rollo Dog!
9508 E Park St
Texas, TX 76110