5001234 model b

by jerrontables

Dear Ion Specialist,

I did what your Ion Workhorse stallion 5001234 model b said to do in its gruffy stallion voice when it ran out of plain 5 mil gruffy buff-butter ink and now my printer done run off. What do you suggest I do to entice my Ion model b back? While stepping through the troubleshooting guide it suggests upgrading to the wireless mare 5000123 model v adapter. But what do I do with the adapter until the stallion model b gets back? I can’t put it on the shelf because I’ve got my trophies up there.

Oh, what are the trophies for you ask? Well I’m the best sand volleyball net rigger that this generation has seen with awards to prove it.

That you for your assistance in printing my awards.


Hamspringer Rulopik III