RE: RE: Please Help

by jerrontables

A continuation of a the below

Rob, my father is the moon.  How do you suppose I hug the moon. Are you mocking my family??? I warn you not to do so. I mocked y grandfather and have since been plagued with bees.  Everywhere I turn, bees.  Every time I try on a shirt at Spencers with a funny saying on it.  ‘4 out of 5 voices in my head say go for it!’ is not very funny when it is filled with bees.  Also I already have my entire guest room wallpapered with pictures of my moon-father.

I think the fan is haunted.  It could also be more bees.  The laptop is now overheating. It is either a vengeful spirit or a buildup of honey in the air intake.

Clax Gorvin

Grumpy Customer Guy